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What is this?

This mini-site has been made by the Ludum Dare community to replace ratings for Ludum Dare 36 (see this announcement post for the full context). Since it can also serve as a game browser in general, the project has been maintained ever since.

How does it work?

All Ludum Dare entries for the current event are monitored to gather some stats about the games, how much comments they have and who wrote them. For each comment you make, you get points that will help you get featured higher on the site (much like the good old "coolness" system). The more feedback you give, the more you'll get!

N.B. You become Feedback Friends with someone when that person commented on your entry, and you commented back on theirs :)

Some of my comments are missing!

It takes about 30 minutes to run through all entries from the event. The comment you just wrote won't appear here until the worker reaches that entry you commented on. So while comments don't appear here immediately, please be patient, they will eventually!

NB. While you can use "force refresh" to update your entry, you can't update all your comments that way.

My game platform is not detected correctly!

Especially since migrating to the new LDJam website, platform detection is not very accurate. Right now it just looks for certain keywords in the game post. Hopefully it will get better in the days to come when gmae submission gets completed.

I made a LOT of comments, but don't get feedback anymore!

Once you've given 100p worth of comments, congratulations, you've won :) Comments above that score don't account in the balance, to favor the games with fewer comments.

Something seems to be broken! Is it a bug?

Please check the open issues and if it's not there, file a new one.

Is it Open Source?

Yup, feel free to take a join us at the Github repo!

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